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Valentine’s Day Activities for young children

Valentine’s Day Activities for your February shelf work!

Heart Sticker Activity

                                                Draw a heart on construction paper with dots.
Have the child place heart stickers purchased from the dollar store on each dot. This activity enhances fine motor skills and one to one correspondence.
Have the child place the heart stickers all around the heart and inside the heart.
Final result!

Heart Scooping Activity

Buy small rock hearts at the dollar tree and do a scooping activity. The child first scoops from the big bowl to the small bowl, then uses the spoon to spoon one heart at a time and places it in each ice cube tray space. This teaches one to one correspondence, a math skill needed for counting.

Sensorial Activity

Buy scratch and sniff valentine’s day cards from the dollar tree

Have the child smell the card and match the card to the card that smells the same. All cards smell different. This is a great sensorial activity to enhance the sense of smell.

Visual Discrimination

Buy Valentine’s Day Cards, these are robot valentine’s day cards from the dollar tree.
Have the child match the Valentine’s Day cards. This is good visual discrimination practice.

Sorting Hearts by Size

Purchase heart foam stickers of different sizes from dollar tree and have the child sort the heart: LARGE, MEDIUM, SMALL

Math Quantity Game

Buy a small Valentine’s Day mailbox for a dollar in target or use a small box and decorate it with red and use small foam heart stickers purchased at the dollar store to play a math quantity game. Use a die, I made this one out of a tissue box and used printer paper to cover it. Roll the die and get a number. Then put the correct number of hearts through the mailbox. Continue rolling the die and placing hearts in the mailbox until all the hearts are inside the mailbox!

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