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Sensory Play: Develop Sense of Touch

sensory play 4 Sensory play is important because children learn and explore the world through their five senses. The sensory bins help children develop their sense of touch and sharpen their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are those that require the ability to use and coordinate small muscle groups such as pincer grasp and palm grasp. Fine motor skills are important for writing, eating with a spoon, shoe tying, buttoning and zipping, among other things. Sensory bins help the child develop their imagination and creativity as they play with the sensory bins and small objects inside of them. The sensory bins entertain children for very long periods of time and have a calming effect on them. These sensory bins are easy to make with items from home and the dollar store.





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You can have one sensory bin a day and rotate them every day.


You can store them in baggies and into a cabinet or cupboard. Happy Sensory Play!

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  1. Hi Jady A,
    I love watching your videos. You have given me so many great ideas and motivated me to do so many fun, learning activities with my children. I’m happy that you have begun your new website and look forward to viewing it for more great ideas!

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    Your web site looks marvellous and very creative like you .dear.its easy to find any thing we want and explained all very clearly. Tnx for sharing your ideas and good luck for you…….God .bless u all

  3. Hi jady,
    I love your videos and created my own set of activities for my daughter. She is 2 years and 9 months. She identifies animals, birds, house hold items and she has gud vocabulary as well. The only problem is she doesn’t identify numbers or alphabets. She can count but doesn’t identify number. She sings the alphabet song but doesn’t identify alphabet. Any suggestions

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