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Every week or two we pick a poem or nursery rhyme to memorize. I post it under our “memory work” section on the wall. Having a child memorize different poems and nursery rhymes helps them build a larger vocabulary, learn the value of communication through poetry, and helps the child grow an appreciation for the art of poetry. Doing memory work in general helps the child become a better student because memorization is the backbone to academics and one could say to everyday life.  A good memory is very important for anyone to have. Your memory of  names, facts, information, dates, events, faces, circumstances and other things concerning your everyday life is the measure of your ability to prevail in today’s fast-paced, information driven society. The reason we help Jade develop her memory is so that she can succeed in academics and daily life.


I read the poem to her in a fun voice, I use puppets, instruments, to make it engaging. After we go over the poem there are cards that tell the poem  and she needs to put them in order of the poem. The cards are picture and word cards.


Hickory, Hickory, Dock, the mouse went up the clock, the clock struck one, and down he ran, hickory, hickory, dock

She needs to put the cards in the order of the nursery rhyme. Putting cards in the correct order is practicing two memory techniques- linking memory technique and story telling.  Both of these strategies link the images together into a story. This helps to keep events of the poem in a logical order and can improve the ability to remember information if the child forgets the sequence of events.


You can create your own wall posters and  cards using the poems of choosing. Click to download for free the hickory hickory dock memory wall poster and cards.

I am running a memory challenge on youtube. If you would like to participate pick a poem or nursery rhyme for memory work and record your child saying the poem. You have one month to help your child memorize it. Submissions are due the week of April 14, 2014. Just e-mail me when your video has been posted in youtube. I will be adding it to a playlist so that all participants can see the videos. The submissions will be published on this blog and on my youtube channel. Hop in the fun as your child improves their memory!

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