Open-ended toys

Importance of blocks in early childhood

Blocks are one of the best toys a child can possess. blocks are considered open-ended toys and enhance the following skills:

-Use of Imagination as the child uses their mind to create an object or scene

-Problem solving skills as the child solves how blocks can be stacked and aligned without falling over, how to build foundations for a tall tower etc..

-Fine motor skills- the child uses pincer grip to put blocks together

-Spatial- visual skills: Spatial visualization is the ability to mentally manipulate 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional figures.

– Dramatic Play opportunity- The child uses blocks to build houses and objects for their dolls and animals. The child then pretends the animals, dolls, cars etc are in a real world. They simulate scenarios in this play opportunity that helps them build cognitive skills and socialization skills. Pretend play helps with language, narrative language, abstract thought, problem solving, logical sequential thought, creation of stories, and understanding a social situation.


Jade is building a castle for her animals blok2


She decided the castle should be turned into a city to fit all her animals….


Here she is building a tall tower



She learns the consequence of building tall towers without wide foundations!! its going down!!!

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