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Mega block Educational Activities

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1) Sorting – Have the child sort the blocks by color.


2) Patterning: Make a pattern and have the child model the same pattern.



3) Number Quantity Practice: Take index cards and write numbers then have child put the correct number of blocks by building towers with the correct number of blocks to represent the number.



4) Mega Blok Visual discrimination puzzles: Print these free animal puzzles and tape them onto the blocks.  Mix them up and have the child find the correct blocks to form animals. Its a fun, engaging activity. The child can then pretend play with the animals and build other things to go along with the animals! Click here to download.



5) Number Order: With a permanent marker write numbers 1-10 on blocks. Mix all the blocks up and have the child put the numbers in correct order.



6) Building similar figures: Make simple figures and have the child model those same figures with the same color blocks and same positioning. This helps build spatial-visual skills, fine motor skills, and reasoning and problem solving skills.





when the child gets better have the child build more complex figures such as animals, robots, people, houses, and objects.




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  1. Hi Jady, thank you for your earlier reply and advise on starting my son out with ShelfWork. I noticed in some of the recent videos that you are using dry erase markers for some of Jades laminated worksheets. I also had this in mind to start doing with my sons worksheets and i came across Crayolas Dry Erase crayons which I think you might like. I wanted to switch from regular dry erase markers because of the smell, and my son would always get ink on his hands when trying to put the cap back on, and he would also get ink on his hand if he rubbed over his artwork. I tested these agaisnt regular dry erase markers and washable crayons on my laminated sheets and dry erase board, and the Crayola Dry Erase crayons worked really well- and they dont dry out. Just a little tip since you always give such great advise. Thank you again for the videos and free downloads- these are a Great help! Have a blessed day.

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