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How to give your child Encyclopedic Knowledge- Glenn Doman Method

Bits Of Intelligence

How can you give your child encyclopedic knowledge? The basis of all intelligence is facts, without facts there can be no intelligence.  Glenn Doman developed a program to give children encyclopedic knowledge so that children know about arts, science, music, language, literature, nature and all else that matters to man. The program is done with flashcards. 

The flashcards are called: “Bit of Intelligence Cards or “Bits”. The term “bits” has become popular. Bits are large picture cards with names on the back. Bits are ideal for infant stimulation and children of any age.

Make Your Own Bits
In order to make bits, collect a variety of pictures about an important subject. Paste each picture onto a piece of poster board. (Doman recommends 11″ x 11″; 8-1/2 by 11 are also fine) Label the card in black on the back of the picture.  Bits can be covered with clear contact paper or they can be laminated. If your child is above one I suggest you use power point slides to save on ink, paper and lamination. They are easy to make. You can get the pictures from public domain online, wikipedia, google images and so forth.

You can choose from the divisions Doman recommends:


Biology, History, Geography, Music, Art, Mathematics, Human Physiology, General Science, Language, Literature. These divisions can be broken down into many categories. Make ten Bit cards for each category. 

Example: Division: Biology, category: Insects

Get pictures of Insects on the internet.  Print, laminate and paste to poster-board and on the back of the cards have the names of insects written out in black permanent marker: Dragonfly, Housefly, Grasshopper, Ant, Termite, Ladybug, Monarch Butterfly, Bumblebee, Giant Walking Stick, Golden Northern. 

Another Example:


Category:birds, reptiles, mammals are categories of Biology.

Basic Rules for Presenting Bits

1) The flashcards in each set of bits should all be on the same subject. Example- (flowers, composers, shapes, fruits)

2) Pictures should be large, clear, and precise and display a single item without a background.

3) Pictures should be specifically named. (If you have a picture of George Washington- do not label it “president”- label it “George Washington”)

4 ) Cards should be shown quickly, about one card per second.

6) To insure continuing interest, always stop before the child wants to stop or loses interest.

7) Enthusiastically announce that you have bits to show and tell the category you are offering. 

8) Hold the cards 18 inches away from the child at the child’s eye level.

9) Work from the back of the stack towards the front. As you move the card to the front you can see the name. You can show the child the name written by laying the card down in front of the name facing up as you go flashing the cards, or you can choose to just flash the pictures without showing them the words. If you are doing power-point slides have the picture first, then the next slide is the name of the picture. 

10) Be lively in your presentations. Make it fun! Make sure your voice is loud and clear.

Doman says to begin by introducing 5 different categories with ten bit of intelligence cards in each.  Each category is done ten seconds three times a day. As your child gets better you can add more categories until you reach 10 categories. You can begin to retire old Bit cards from each category daily and add one new Bit cards to the category each time. You can retire an entire category and introduce a new one. Doman doesn’t recommend running the sessions together, and he says to leave, at least, half an hour between sessions. I started  with one category at a time. The best way is to follow your intuition and your child. You make the rules with what works in your family.

Infants who are shown bits develop their sight and hearing faster. As bits stimulate brain development, they trigger the genius potential that is hiding in each child. After the child has memorized 1000 Bit of Intelligence then you can proceed to teach programs of intelligence. To get more information on how to give your child encyclopedic  knowledge and how to implement this program see all details and explanation in the book called: How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge (The Gentle Revolution Series)

I currently practice this method with my six month old. She is working on three categories right now: Body Parts, Fruits, and Farm Animals. Once she is 1 she will be doing her work of Bit cards on power point.


My two year old is working on: Transportation vehicles, Careers, Birds, Planets, and Composers. She works on power point slides.

* All information in this article come from How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge (The Gentle Revolution Series)

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