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Toddler U.S.A Map Activities

Toddler Geography Work:United States Map Study

As part of our geography work this week Jade (two and a half yrs) colored the entire United States map! It took Jade one week. Every day she colored a different region. As a guide, we used another map for color reference. This is a fun interactive way to study the states!

Step 1: Download free U.S map any size you want to put together. The one in this picture is 4X4. I printed 16 pages and put the map together.

Step2: Use a color guide. You can use a map you have like the one I have in the picture next to Jade or you can print one from the internet or if not just make up a color guide on paper. You write the state names and put the name of the color next to it. In our case we used a map we had in our school room.

Step3: Ask the child to look for a certain state on the map you provided or a color guide. Look for ” Arizona” “what color is it on that map?” “yellow” ok now- go to the blank U.S map and find Arizona and color it yellow. Go state by state letting the child find it on one map and then coloring it the same color on the blank map. Do no more than one region a day. Encourage the child to stay color within the lines.

This is an excellent way to learn the states, enforce color recognition, practice pencil control and also one important thing this activity does is help the child with visual spatial skills, following directions, and concentration.






All Done!!


We hung it up in our classroom- Now we will use it for games next week. I am going to call out states and have her find them and put stickers on them as part of geography work next week. She loves this!! You can also have the child point to states as you call them out.

3 thoughts on “Toddler U.S.A Map Activities

  1. I absolutely love your ideas and methods! Your children are so cute and bright. You have been a blessing to my granddaughter and me. I keep her during the week and we continue to use so many of your ideas. Thank you so much. We watch your YouTube channel, but for some reason my computer won’t let me comment there.

  2. I am a special education teacher at the elementary level. I have implemented many of your kinesthetic learning activities. My students need the pictures paired with words, objects, and sensory input that you also use when teaching your children. You are a great teacher and I am so happy to have discovered your brilliant teaching techniques. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

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