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Montessori Inspired Kitchen Shelf

How to create your own Montessori inspired kitchen shelf for young children















Purpose of shelf: Build self sufficiency, life skills, confidence, and sense of order and organization.

You will need a shelf. On the shelf place labels for each category. I used index cards with a black marker and laminated it.


The first row is for setting the table- all supplies needed to set the table are labeled: Napkins, Spoons/forks, Cups, and Bowls. We use real cloth napkins and silverware.

The second row is for water and snacks. On a daily basis my two year old can come and get water herself through out the day. This builds a sense of self sufficiency. When it is snack time she sets the table and brings the snack there and eats it. The snack is placed on the shelf daily.

The Third row is for cleaning up any spills or messes through out the day. There is a dust pan, a rag, and a cleaning spray. The cleaning spray is non toxic. It is water and vinegar solution. (half water, half vinegar). On the side there is a miniature broom hanging for sweeping. The rule for using cleaning supplies is to always put them back to their designated spot to build order and organization.


Setting the table


This is a Melissa and Doug mat which is plastic. It is taped to the dining table.


when it is time for eating I tell Jade to go set her place on the table. She uses all supplies from her kitchen shelf and sets her own place on the table before eating.


She sets her place on the table for breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner everyday. This life skill is very important. Eating is a part of socialization  and self care and knowing how to sit and eat in a table properly will help the child gain value in the way they eat.


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