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DIY: Toddler Easter Activities

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Do it yourself Easter Activities with supplies from the Dollar Tree and supplies from home. Make fun, hands on easter math, literacy, sensorial, art, visual discrimination, logic, sorting, sizing, and matching activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.


Our Easter Shelf Work theme!


Water basket with eggs. Have the child transfer eggs from the water to the dry bowl. Good for hand eye coordination and motor skills.


Easter Egg hunt: hide eggs with items inside and have the child find them! Inside the eggs I put either a rabbit or a carrot figure I got in the craft store.


Jade then opened the egg and sorted the content of the egg in the correct category. At the end she counted to see how many rabbits and carrots in total.


I got these foam eggs and foam blocks at the dollar store. I place a bottle cap number down then Jade needs to put a toothpick through the foam egg and place it on the block. She needs to make as many as the number indicates.


Poke the toothpick through the egg and place it down on the foam block. In this case she needed to make two eggs and four eggs. Then we proceeded to adding how many we had all together and played the game again with different numbers.


Foam Sticker matching: have the child draw a line from one sticker to the corresponding sticker. Stickers were purchased at dollar store.


Foam sticker patterning. Have the child find the next foam sticker in the pattern.


Pre-Writing Practice- I used easter foam stickers and drew dotted line paths from one sticker to the other. Good for pencil control. Have The child trace the path.

Divide egg into two parts and write upper case on one side and lower case on the other side. Have the child match upper case and lower case. Good letter recognition practice.



Sorting easter eggs!

Easter Egg Matching. Have the child match the eggs according to corresponding pattern. I got these eggs at the dollar store.


Rabbit made from a paper plate, cotton balls, sticker eyes, and pipe cleaner all purchased at the dollar store!



Easter decorations with foam eggs and foam bunnies purchased at the dollar tree. The child takes toothpicks and puts it through the foam figures to make decorations. Good fine motor skills practice.


 Happy Easter everyone!!


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  1. Hi,many thanks for your lovely ideas.i’m trying to do these for my daughter as is really hard to keep her for a while in a place to do something.
    I love to see when your jade is doing activities. Thanks.xx

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