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DIY Sensory Bottles for Babies

sensory bottles cover


Do it yourself sensory bottles for babies with items you have at home! These sensory bottles develop the sense of sight and hearing. They are very soothing to look at and listen to. It helps the child improve concentration skills as they look curiously at the contents of the bottles.

Items needed:

1) empty bottles of water

2) fun items to put inside such as pom poms, colored rice, sand, marbles, beads, buttons, jewels, and food coloring

3) Glue- crazy glue or gorilla glue for the caps

Take the empty bottles of water, remove the labels. Fill the bottles with fun objects such as beads, jewels, rocks, buttons, etc… Fill it with water half way or so and add food coloring if you would like. Lastly, glue the caps on for safety.


Contents: water, red food coloring, and beads


Contents: Colored rocks, and pieces of pipe cleaners- (dollar store)


Contents: sand and glittery jewels


Contents: white rice, black rice, lentils


Contents: water, pom poms, yellow food coloring


Contents: 2 yr old, 6 month old and Sensory Bottles!!


See Video Tutorial Here

Happy Sensory Play!

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