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DIY Tactile Boards for Babies!

tactile boards cover


Make your own tactile boards for babies to help them develop their sense of touch. These boards help the baby develop their sense of touching and feeling.  They start to discover that objects and things have different textures and they start to understand that they can obtain information from objects and things by touching them.  This activity also helps with hand-eye coordination as the child looks at the different squares and tries to touch each one and reach out. The activity also helps increase concentration skills as the child focuses in on these boards to explore and learn.

What you will need:

Duct Tape- Home Depot/Lowe’s

Glue- Home Depot/Lowe’s

Poster Board- Dollar store

Objects and fabrics of different textures. I went to Lowe’s and got free samples of carpet and tiles for this activity. I also used things I had at home.

Instructions: Cut poster board into the number of boards you want to create. I made three. With Scissors round the corners for safety. Add duct tape all around the board for safety and durability. Use glue such as hot glue gun, Gorilla glue, or any other glue that will hold thick items onto the poster board. Paste your items and let them dry!


Contents: carpet Samples of different textures, fabric, dish sponge and silky paper


Contents: felt, Carpet samples, tile samples, pom poms attached with velcro


The pom poms are attached with velcro and can be taken on and off for fun!


Contents: bubble wrap paper, carpet samples, foam stickers with different textures, pul fabric, popsicle sticks, Small lizards



Happy Sensory Play!

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