Prek/Kinder Science Worksheet Pack

Science Pack Cover.001-001

here are some samples:




I decided to add a Science category to our Shelfwork system for a couple of months since summer is coming around and we will be involved in Science experiments with the homeschool virtual science camp on google plus. I created Science worksheets to teach toddlers, prek and kindergarten students the most basic things in life and in our human bodies.Teach Science with these fun, hands on, cut, color and paste activities!

The students will learn about:

-Life Cycles- frog, chicken, and butterfly
-Anatomy- major organs
-Diurnal/Nocturnal animals and day and night classification
-Vegetables and fruit classification
-Living/Non-living classification
-Build a Flower- learn the parts of a flower by coloring and building one
-Seasons- the four seasons cut and paste activity

You can also laminate these for repeated use.

Here is our Shelfwork system



Learn about the Frog Life Cycle- Cut and Paste ActivityDSC02609

Explain the Life Frog Cycle then have the child cut the cards out, you can also do it for them if they are very young


Have the child color in the cards!


Have the child paste the cards in correct order of the life cycle


They can use the top row as a guide

Ask the child questions about what they learned!


All done!!!

If you would like to purchase this Science Pack, it is for sale on Teachers pay Teachers for $4.50. Enjoy!!

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