Teach your child to read with Alpha Phonics

Alpha Phonics

Teaching your child to read is probably one of the most important skills your child will need to learn. All of human knowledge is in written form, if your child can not read he/she will stay ignorant. All academic subjects require reading. Do you want to leave the task of teaching your child to read to their kindergarten teacher? The kindergarten teacher has twenty something other students that they are teaching to read. Your child might be one of the ones that slips through the cracks and does not learn how to read correctly.  I bought this program to take my daughter to the next step. She knew how to read basic two and three letter words with the short vowel sounds I taught her but she needed to move on to learning the rest of the phonic rules and letter sounds to become a good reader. I came across this program in a book called Teaching the Trivium. She is almost three years old and is thriving on this system. She begs me for phonics lessons everyday and I can truly say she is finally understanding how phonics works.

Advantages of the program:

– Simple program that teachers 44 letter sounds in 128 easy lessons

– There are no pictures in the book. Pictures serve as distractions for a child reading.  Children who learn to read with picture books tend to guess at words and get distracted from learning the real phonics.

– You can teach spelling very easily with simple dictation- Alpha-Phonics introduces over 3,500 words.

-You only need one book to teach phonics- it is not based on grade level. Everything you need to teach your child to read is in one book.

– It includes a teacher’s manual with instructions on how to do each lesson

– It includes a CD with all of the lessons in the book so that you can also teach the lessons on your computer.

For 29.67 you have a complete phonics program that can be used with multiple children! Purchase here 



3 thoughts on “Teach your child to read with Alpha Phonics

  1. Hi Jady,

    I really enjoy your ideas and new site, thanks for inspiring me! Yesterday I bought the phonics book using your affiliation program, I hope I was the very first one of many!


  2. Hey jady i was wondering if you would recommend me teaching my 2yr old son short vowel sounds and take steps from there or using Glenn Domans method of flashing words (how to teach your baby to read). The methods seem to be completely different and I was wondering your take on it.
    Thank you for all the posts and videos my husband and I love getting inspiration from you! Your truly an amazing mother/teacher! 🙂

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