Prek/Kinder Math Cut and Paste Worksheets


I decided to create  Math Cut and Paste Activities for my toddler’s math workbox, for her shelfwork. She usually does hands on activities for math and these cut and paste activities are fun and are  aligned with the Kindergarten Common Core Standards.  Its like a game she loves cutting and pasting and at the same time she is learning math concepts that she needs to learn before she goes to First Grade. Here is a list of what the worksheets entail:

-Comparing numbers 1-10 -Greater vs Equal
-Sorting 3D figures
-Learning about coins and their amounts
-Telling time
-Number Quantity Activities
-Addition by 1-3
-Number order 1-20
-Number recognition and writing numbers 1-10
-Shape recognition and tracing shapes
-Forming addition and subtraction equations

Common Core Standards covered:

Here are some of the worksheets included in the 30 page pack:







You can purchase this Prek/Kinder Math Cut and Paste Activity Pack on Teachers Par Teachers for 4.50

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