Teach your Toddler Handwriting 5 Minutes a day

Here is a sample of our five minute hand-writing session every morning. Jade is 2 yrs, 10 months.

First we trace the sand-letter, then she builds the letter with playdough, lastly she traces the letter on the worksheet. We pick one letter a day. I started with upper case when she has mastered the upper case I will do lower case.



Step 1: she traces the sandletter for the letter of the day to practice how to form the letter correctly. These are tactile letters that help children learn to write as they feel the letter path. You can get these letters at Lakeshore Learning or here in amazon: Didax – Tactile Sandpaper Uppercase Letters


Step 2: Jade forms the letter T with playdough to practice fine motor skills and make the activity of learning fun! You can get these alphabet playdough mats for free here on my blog:Letters A-Z Alphabet Playdough MatsDSC02793


Step 3: Jade traces the letter on the alphabet worksheet and colors in the picture at the top.  Make sure the child traces the letter the correct way, the worksheet includes manuscript so that you know how to teach how to write the letter. At this point we also go over the letter sound. You can get these tracing worksheets for letters A-Z for free on my blog Hand-writing practice worksheets A-Z


We are finished!! She traced the sand letter with her finger, then she made the letter with playdough, then she traced the letter on the worksheet with a pencil. We also went over the letter sound.


Lastly, we go on the dry erase board and go over other letters she has learned in the past so that she does not forget them


I hole punch the worksheet and put it in her handwriting workbook! all done!!


You can create your own toddler handwriting workbook for free by downloading the Hand-writing practice worksheets A-Z


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