Alphabet Art Collages for children!

Create fun alphabet art collages to teach children the alphabet and letter sounds! Have your child do one alphabet art collage a week or one a day! Print the Alphabet A-Z templates here for your collages.




Put in a binder and make an Alphabet Art Collage Folder! Enjoy!!!

Collage ideas for each letter below:

A- fingerprint ants, apple seeds, apple drawing, alligator teeth

B- Color blue, band-aids, beans, buttons

C- Cotton balls, Cherios, corn prints

D- dots (Dot markers), diamonds

E-   wiggly eyes, elbow painting, egg shapes

F- finger prints, feathers, flowers, felt

G- glitter, goldfish crackers, green color

H- hand prints, hearts

I- ice cream cones

J- jewels, jelly beans

K-  keys prints, kite shapes

L-  ladybugs,leaves

M- M&Ms, Macaroni,

N-  newspaper pieces, numbers, nickel prints

O-  orange color, orange peel, oatmeal

P-  purple color, penny prints, pom-poms

Q- quarter prints, q-tip dots

R-  rainbow,  rectangles, red color

S- sand, stickers

T-  toothpick, triangles, tissue paper

U-  up arrows, umbrella

V- valentine stickers, violet color, violin

W-  waves, watermelon seeds

X- x-ray, xylophone bars

Y- yarn, yellow color

Z- zigzags, zebra stripes


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