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Make your own Maze: Duct Tape Maze activities for Children!!

Create your own maze with duct tape! simply make a path with the duct tape and label the start and finish with index cards. This post will show you 7 activities to get your child to exercise and have lots of fun with the maze. Enjoy!!

1) Have your child go around the maze. To make it more challenging tell them they must stay on top on the duct tape line because if they fall off, an alligator is going to get them!!! “below the duct tape is a deep lake!!!” my toddler loved this… DSC01046

2) Have the child hop on one foot all around the maze. 3) Use the maze as a track for cars, trucks, planes to go around from start to finish.


4) Line up all your cars! have the last car come to the front of the line until you go through all cars keep going until you reach the finish!


5) kick a ball through the maze!


6) Blindfold the child and have them go around the maze feeling the duct tape with their feet DSC01031

7) Have the child act like animals as they go through the maze: frogs, chickens, snakes, fish, dogs, etc! DSC01033

If you have any more ideas share please below!!!!

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