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Tree Unit Study- Kindergarten

This past month we did a unit study on trees. Every month we cover something about nature. We are following the Handbook of Nature Study to do our unit studies. It is very important that children study the nature around them. It is so valuable for children to learn about their local trees, animals, flowers, insects and so forth. Every month when we do our unit studies we create a nature study wall on the work we do for the month.tree2

Here is the work she did on trees through out the month.  She did  alot of activities based on oak and maple trees because they are the most common in our area. She learned life cycles, the seeds those trees carry, leaves, arts and crafts, we got books from the library every week to learn everything we could about trees.

We went on nature walks every week. She collected items from trees and from nature to put on her nature table. She loves using her magnifying glass to look closely at the items.



We also created some leaf collages from leaves collected outside:

leaf collage1

leaf collage 2

For arts and crafts one of the activities we did was making leaves finger prints and your students can also use q-tips.

q-tip painting


The best way to learn to identify trees is to look at the leaves. We collected some leaves, put it on white printer paper, then laminated them for a sorting activity. Get this free printable here.


See video here of these cards

We got all of our printables from a great printable pack we have on tree unit studies. 45 page of tree activities of all kinds!


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