Interactive Color Books- Early Learning


These are 4 interactive learning books to practice color matching and vocabulary. The four books are the following themes: Foods, Articles of Clothing, Animals, and Household Items. The children love these books as they are interactive. They are learning color matching and the vocabulary of all the items in the books. As an added challenge for those reading the pack brings matching the word to the picture instead of the color.
These are great for early learners and for special education students!


The child would use the color guide and pick the color that corresponds with each page. You can ask “what is this?” “what color is it? “Can you find the color red and put it in the box?”fullsizeoutput_120cfullsizeoutput_120aIf the child is already reading all the books bring the options of adding the words instead of the color. This allows the child to work on reading if they are ready.



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  1. Hi Jady, I have watched so many of your posts and videos and they are so helpful. It’s a very positive vibe that each of your videos give. I am a working mom of a very chirpy 18 month old. I live in Mumbai, India and love to spend quality time with my daughter. Would love you to make videos for easy and simple things that working mothers can do to spend quality time with their little ones. thanks a ton dear!!!

  2. Dear Jady, I admire you!!! You are so creative and honest!!! I looked through many videos on you tube and you are on of the best!!!I was so happy that i found your videos even i am working as a teacher for many years and always try to do my best.I wish you all the best and thank you very much!!

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  4. Thank you for sharing all this valuable content.You are inspiring.Stay blessed.God Bless you and your family.

  5. Hi Jady, i LOVE your ideas and i agree on early learning i enjoy watching your youtube channe, i have a question.. if you have bilingual workbooks for toddler in Spanish?

  6. Do you happen to have any of these in Spanish? Iā€™m teaching my son Spanish as his first language and would love this for my son.

  7. Hey jady! I have been watching you since I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 2. And here I am pregnant with my son. I just want to say the video you posted today about failure moms really touched me. And without your light in my life Iā€™d feel probably more alone. Thank you so much for your wholesome educational content. My daughter is speaking so many words because of your exercises!! I truly pray that God can help me in my journey in motherhood to resemble yours šŸ’–šŸ’– looking forward to the monthly videos !

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