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Why leaving social media is one of the best things you could do….unpublish your life!

I guess you can say its easy for someone who has no television in her home, and still reads the paper to say leaving social media is the best thing you could do to improve productivity, happiness, and relationships. But you see, For about six years I got into vlogging on youtube my homeschooling journey and it became sort of an addiction for me to have two even three videos up a week on what we were upto. I saw that people really liked the videos and it helped many and the wonderful comments were music to my ears. I sacrificed alot in these years to make videos on demand and answer people’s questions/comments. I even opened up an instagram account where I would post daily. Anything we did from meals to walks became a post. I saw myself looking for things to photograph that people would enjoy seeing and missing the day to day moments. It almost felt like a competition, like a race, that never finished. My youtube channel reached 100,000 subscribers.  One day my daughter, when doing her daily homeschool said to me “Mom record me!” I said no sweety today I am not recording our work. She cried and said “why, am I not doing a good job” I realized I sent the wrong message she felt that if it was good, it must be on camera. I  realized that I too, started to believe that if something was not shared it was somehow missed and not valued. The world missed it…but my life was not meant to be public to begin with. I started to crave privacy. I wanted to feel the sheer joy of doing something and not making it public. So I paused making videos and I deleted my instagram it took just minutes to do, it was just a couple clicks. I am not a moderation type of person. I am either in or I am out. It was not hard for me because like I said I already live a pretty old fashioned, low tech life. I left my videos up on youtube because they have helped so many people and inspired people and I have taken a step back from making videos for some months.  I have to put family first and my duties as a homemaker, homeschooler, and wife. My 4th pregnancy has proved to be difficult and more than ever I need to just relax and work within my home without any distractions. I have so much more time and peace. I have time for all my hobbies now. I do not feel like my life is not worthy because its not published. I just deeply desired to just be unseen. Posting videos and pictures can really feed the ego. Its almost like “look at me! hear me! look what I have, look what I can do, look where I went, look what my kids can do” where is the humility in this? If there is one quality I want is to possess is to always stay humble and  one more…authentic.  I did not want to send people the wrong picture. The reality is we all struggle, we all have a mess sometimes, eat junk food, scream at our kids, pick our nose, have a bad hair day, have a mountain of laundry,  etc…no one is going to photograph or video the reality, the whole picture, them in totality. People just video and photograph the highlights of their lives, the glamour, the fun times…and when people watch, they get the impression that- that is all there is. I read that the main emotions facebook produced in people was envy and anxiety which can lead to depression as people compare their lives to the highlights of others. Just know that what you see, is a very little aspect of that person’s life, noone leads a perfect life, full of fun, excitement and great achievement. We all fail everyday. We all have dull moments, sad moments…and we all have something we battle with…if you are human, skin and bones, then you are not entitled to a perfect life.

When you are constantly posting every little aspect of your life you are not only giving people power over your life but you are missing little special moments. When you are in a beautiful park and you are looking around for beauty to photograph to post, you are missing the present moment passing you by. There is sheer joy in just walking and seeing a beautiful flower and noticing its beauty without taking out your phone to photograph it and immediately post it.  Noticing every aspect of the flower and seeing what feelings arise, what thoughts arise…is truly experiencing the moment. Now that I stopped I see how unhealthy and detrimental it is to share everything on social media. Why do people record intimate moments of their lives? Every time you photograph or record a moment and go share it with massive amounts of people you devalue the experience. The spark of the moment is stolen. As I see people post the most intimate moments of their lives to a world of strangers, I can’t help but think that the underlining reason is the loneliness that people feel that leads them to want to be seen and liked by total strangers, the dopamine rush from likes and comments.. I see family vloggers share the most intimate moments of their lives. This is detrimental not only to their children but to them. Those moments are not meant to be on camera, they are meant to be private. Seems there is no more privacy these days. Privacy is important. Not only for the protection of people but also for the protection of integrity. Instead of talking to a camera and publishing your life to a world of strangers, why not just share with a few friends you see in person? Why the drive these days to photograph meals, flowers, the skyline, your new shoes, your nails,  vacations, etc…the reason is because each is seeking internal validation. The person posts then they receive a dopamine rush from likes and comments and want to publish more. Its a dopamine driven feedback loop invented by attention engineers to hook you. I find that people are becoming antisocial they are talking to a camera instead of joining a local moms group or talking to a friend. Its really sad.

I like memorizing directions and not googling every little thing. I think people use less of their memory and brains today because google thinks for them. We are so reliant on our smart phones that our smart phones are making us stupid. People are constantly looking down.  I am tired of seeing people’s heads down on their phones, they do not look up. You go to restaurants and kids are on their ipads, parents on their smart phones. Everyone is together but separate looking into a screen. Looking for what on their phones? What is happening in someone else’s life while they scroll through feeds? or the latest? Why is that more important than the person right in front of you? why is that more important that just being present to observe and feel what is here now?

I like my unpublished life. Noone knows where I go now, what I eat, what my kids are doing on a daily basis, what clothes I am wearing. Why should they? it was never meant for other people.  I see how technology is destroying minds, relationships and the very fabric of society. In this virtual world authenticity is lost, not to mention how some evil corporations and powerful entities use social media to manipulate the minds of people, program them and use their data. ( I could write a book on this alone)

I also saw that youtube is becoming very fake as people do sponsorships and partnerships to promote products.  You really will not know the truth until you work behind the scenes. Alot of what people say has been bought and you would not even know it. Everything you see them use and mention in their videos is not by mistake. It is perfectly aligned to hook you. Powerful companies are recruiting the best talent to spread their message and promote their products. They know people trust these youtubers. I can not tell you how many companies contact me on a daily basis to promote their products and message. I always say no I stay true to my viewers even if I use their product. I am one of the few channels that does not do sponsorships and is not owned by a network. What you are watching is a bunch of propaganda these days. Its hidden and you will never know it.

People do not want to hear they are wasting their lives away on social media, but they really, really are. Do you want more time? quit social media. The average person spends 4 hours on their screens. What can you do with 4 extra hours a day? You will not only have more time but you will be productive. Every time you look at your phone your attention is fragmented and it takes about 30 minutes to regain that focus again according to studies. Living a distracted life diminishes your quality of life. You are only living a certain percentage of reality when you are constantly stuck on a screen. Go unpublish yourself, quit social media…You will have more time, be more productive, more creative,  use your mind more, and have real friendships.  All those people on your social media accounts are not really your friends. You will also feel happier because you will not be constantly bombarded with everyone’s highlights and misrepresented lives. Try it. At first you will feel a bit lonely and lost but then great happiness will come.. Great peace and enjoyment of everyday life.

Life is meant to be lived, NOT PUBLISHED.- Jady A.

What’s Jady up to these days? You won’t know..its ok, its not important. What is important, is your own life. Don’t you see this life is short, we don’t have time to waste scrolling through feeds. Lets go live and enjoy this beautiful life! I know its hard not to do what everyone else does…. Not to follow the school of fish….At first I felt so lonely. I realized almost all my relationships were through text. Now I enjoy meetups with friends, outings, events and face to face groups more than ever. I made a tribe outside my phone. Life really happens when you shut the screen off and LOOK up.  I have also grown closer to God and I am dedicated to whatever I choose to do from now on.. point people inward towards God which is the only thing that can truly fill a human’s life. One day God is going to ask me ” What did you do with the time I gave you? What did you do with the talents I gave you? and I honestly want to have a good answer.  I have important things to do and accomplish. God has work for me and it starts with my family. I plan on continuing sharing valuable information on youtube to help parents and teachers.  Love you all! subscribe to my vlog!

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost.

49 thoughts on “Why leaving social media is one of the best things you could do….unpublish your life!

  1. Jady you really hit the nail with your post. I feel the same way you do. I don’t like how much sometimes I spend on the computer and at times I have wanted to just throw my laptop away and phone. But, I don’t because I still need them to do school on and a phone to contact people with. Also, it has made it easier to pay bills online making it faster and easier to check your bank account and so on. But, I think I have gotten to caught up in youtube channels and reading blog post. I like watching your videos because they are very inspiring and they help me get ideas to do with my little ones, but at times I wish I could be creative and come up with learning things without watching youtube or googling up ideas. It is sometimes a thing to do when I get bored, but I don’t want to live my life on a computer or phone. I see more and more of my family not communicating anymore because they use facebook and don’t call or visit anymore. These screens are taking people away from having real relationships that are not on the computer.

  2. Amen to this Jady! Time is our most precious commodity, we can never get it back. Thank you for your wise counsel 🙂

    1. Wow! What a nice write up. I’ll miss your videos it has been so helpful to me. All the best on your new part. God bless you all.

      Thanks for Nigeria.

  3. Though I am deeply saddened that you will not be making any more videos, I absolutely understood this post in its entirety. It all makes sense. You have inspired my husband and I to become homeschool parents, and we appreciate you for that!

    Many Blessings,
    Shaniqua ❤️

  4. Dear Jady,

    What a beautiful and honest post… I resonate with how technology eventually made you feel. May God bless your decisions and may He bring you joy in the simple things.

    I have recently discovered your very helpful and educational videos, which have sincerely helped me so much in guiding my preparation for our homeschooling.

    You are a beautiful and talented lady and a truly dedicated Mother and I pray that God brings you and your family so much love, peace and happiness!

    Much love,

  5. Oh Jady! You uttered everything that I feel and is battling with. You are right it is time to unplug and appreciate what is around us. I hope you still keep this website and update the teachers pay teachers website. As you have truly made a differences in all our lives. You are a wise lady Jady you are truly a precious diamond in the mud. I appreciate everything that you are.

  6. Hi Jaydy I have been a follower for a long time and I’m very happy to hear from you! I loveed your post it was a very positive messege. God bless you and your family and rember we well always support you! Thank you for all the meaningful videos you have left for us ❤

  7. It’s good and sage advice! It’s hard when one member of the family doesn’t see it that way! I do hope that you publish once in a while! You have inspired me to become a homeschool mom in the future and I like the things you have shared! I hope that all goes well with baby #4! Take care!

  8. Many blessings to you! You do what is best for Jady first. I’m right there with you… Thank you for all you inspirational videos.

  9. I deleted my Facebook almost a year ago and instagram probably 3 years ago. I don’t miss either a bit!
    I hope you’ll still offer and produce products on your TPT store page. Also, I hope to see a few yearly youtube videos. (If not..its understandable.)
    Thank you for the products you’ve created and your curriculum recommendations. Alpha Phonics is what I used to teach my daughter to read thanks to your suggestion. Its a beautiful thing to teach your children,and to feel the joy together when they “get it”! Everything happens for a reason and your videos weren’t created in vein. My family has been extremely blessed by your message, time, and effort you’ve put into your videos and curriculum.
    I pray god will continue to bless and lead you and your family.
    Thank you Jady for the inspiration to live more and be more. There’s always more! Ephesians 3:20 is a great description of your message. “Always more” with God.
    Sending love from OKC. Xoxo –Kristina

  10. Dear Jady

    I was just getting on board in homeschooling. Truly inspired after watching your videos. Now am a bit sad u r leaving. But your post now taught me to on my own and use my own creativity. You are so right abt how internet technology has changed our lives. But I do feel is all about limitations. Everything we do has limits. Easy to get drift off and not easy to stay on track. Everything now is just a click away. Thank you so much Jady for your videos! Tryly gonna miss you. Have a good pregnancy and wishing you smooth delivery soon! Gonna miss looking at the lil one coming soon!

  11. I love you Jady 🙂
    Very thoughtful post. I love you are on that side now. I am too for the past 3 years are disconnecting more n more stuff from the internet. Even though I’m running an online business, I see that I’m in full power of limiting social media lives for my personal lives. The life is so much better that way.

  12. Well shoot. I’m super sad to read that you will no longer be uploading videos to YouTube anymore. At least that is what I am assuming from this post. I also understand completely. We feel like we are helping so many, which you have, that we loose sight of who really matters the most and who actually really needs us most. Family. What a great example you are to your family and us to push back against the norm of technology. While it is awesome and helpful also can destroy. Thanks for being such an example to me in mothering, teaching, loving this planet and exploring our backyards and minimalism. I found such joy in your example of minimizing that I found true peace and time!!!!!!!!! Thank you. God bless you and your family.

  13. Thx u Jade ! U have being such a good example for my family ! Inspirational ! U are the 1 person that motivated me to homeschool my little ones ! Im sad that u wont be sharing any more videos but i totally understand your point of view! May Jehovah God keep blessing you and your family !

  14. Wow thank you Jay. I kind of knew you would eventually stop. I know it can be addictive to post because itncouitbe addictive to watch. Even good videos to help your everyday life. But the truth is we get caught up on what others are doing and dont live life ourselves. A while back I saw my niece watching Youtube on her tablet and when I saw what she was watching I said omgsh guys why would you watch other poeple plsying with toys…just go play with your own toys. And then it hit me even more…we do the same. We watch others live and we dont live ourselves. Listen I hear you on this post. I’m living for us!!! God has given us a mission and beautiful gift. Our children sometimes we see them everyday even our spoucspand we take them for granted but in reality they are precious and deserve our attention and even more God has gifted us them. To enjoy them to laugh together to play together to grow together to Love them and be loved what a great gift. and social media or posting or anybody’s opinion could never compared to the great joy of just being us and of living life first for the king and then to enjoy his previous gifts. Thank you for sharing Jady. Time to live life right.

  15. Jady,
    I hope you take some time with your family and come back. I agree with you in so many ways, but you also help people with your channel. I watch your channel, not to invade your privacy, but to learn. If this is what you think is best for you…then I hope you live a happy, wonderful life. If you do decide to come back, like before, then that would be great too. You are a rare voice and so needed in the world because you speak a truth others do not.
    Either way, I I wish you and your family all the best. God Bless.

  16. I hope you are encouraged to know that your videos actually taught me HOW to be creative and come up with fun learning activities for my children. I took more than just your ideas from your videos, I took inspiration, wisdom, and lasting knowledge. I’m excited to teach my daughter and thank to you I feel I am capable. We will miss you but I understand 😊

  17. Hi Jady a i will miss you a lot. All your writing it ‘s really ture. Please don’t leave us please can we see at least a year because not everyone is talent like you since i see your video it makes my life more comfortable. Please my humble request. Thank you so much 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 you

  18. It’s freeing to be unseen and definitely we gain quality time with our little ones and love ones when we are present. All the best, your videos will be missed but your family and specially your kids comes first. We are very proud of your wise decision. God bless you all and looking forward to meet your new addition if is in your heart to share him with us. Un abrazo fuerte y muchísimas mas bendicones para tu vida. Gracias una vez más por todo ese tiempo q sacrificaste para compartirnos todo lo que nos haz compartido en tus videos.

  19. Jady I will REALLY miss your videos, they have helped me look at parenting in a really different positive way.
    I am so thankful to you for making and sharing your lives with us.
    My kids have loved all of the activities that I have done with them from watching your tutorials.
    Thanks again.

  20. Thank you for everything Jady!. I have learnt so much from you and your videos. We will miss you! I totally understand what you mean and wish you and your family the very best on your journey. Life is short, so spend every moment ‘in the moment’ and share it with the people you love. God Bless!

  21. I also quite social media last month as I am an ‘all or nothing person’.. I still use YouTube but trying to manage time better. I feel so relieved and was fed up of wasting so much time. I have enjoyed your content and I have learnt a lot from you but totally understand your decision. Enjoy your family!!

  22. Wow,
    This is soon true. I will miss your videos though cos it has really empowered me in starting my new career. God richly bless you.

  23. Thank you so much for this post, Jady. I feel this is something that God keeps placing on my heart, but over time it fades. I haven’t used Facebook or Instagram since last September, and it honestly feels so freeing. We are too much in other people’s business, and they are too much in ours. I kind of like others not knowing what we’re up to every day, and vice versa. It also encourages you to actually reach out to people to catch up, rather than just look on Facebook.

    I know that my main issue is watching YouTube – while I do learn a lot from it, if I’m being honest I also do waste a lot of time. I have also noticed that the less distracted I am, the happier my daughter and I are, and the more connected we become. This post is a beautiful reminder of that truth.

  24. Dear Jady, thank you very much for sharing your beautiful life with us.I always admired you,your strength, moral values, passion and pure love in everhything that you do. You are so inspiring.My daughter goes to school but we do the activities which you showed in your videos and I cannot thank you enough for how much joy and good emotions you and your beutiul daughters brought into our lives.My daughter was always awaiting your videos and felt like your Girls are her siblings.When I told her the news today, she was very sad but told me that we can record the video for you 🙂 You will be very missed.May God bless you in yours and your Family life.Sending our love 🙂

  25. Well I am not totally surprised I thought it might be coming since you’re pregnant and are a busy and wonderful mom of now four! Thank you Jady for all that you have given to the rest of us that have watched your videos. That is a wise and smart decision to give Internet a rest or time off. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I just heard on Relevant Radio yesterday that it has been studied for 40 years and WiFi and EMS (electric magnetic field) has a huge negative impact on our health in so many different ways. It causes multiple health problems from tumors, cancer, a change in sex hormones (so many people unable to conceive) and just about anything harmful. I’m saddened to know many young children who’s brains are just developing are constantly in front of the screen for hours a day. It’s the new available babysitter. This definitely will shorten their life span.

    One last thing, a lot of people are developing hand problems such as arthritis and other random syndromes where their hand locks from too much phone and computer usage and not enough rest. One mom I know of a single child has been told by doctors that it’s from picking up her baby too much from crib! I believe it’s from too much phone use as mom’s of multiple babies don’t have this problem and I know a young man with no kids that has the same exact issue where his hand or fingers lock in place and it’s painful…he uses his phone a lot. Not to mention eye problems, blindness etc.
    Lots of love to you Jady!!!

  26. Thank you so much Jady for your valuable educational videos. I really miss your videos. Wish you happy life.

  27. Hi Jade, I appreciate your honesty this is what builds a person, great job for recognizing your mistakes and trying to be real to your self. Just wanted you to know that what you did and posted wasnot a waste of time or wasnot a bad thing to do actually it was an amazing thing to do you have no idea how much help and inspiration you gave me and for sure alot of people out there! You changed my life and my children’s life i cannot believe that my 22 months old baby is able to read all letters phonetically and counts from 1-10 and ofcourse knows her shapes, colors and animals and many other stuff. I would have never in a million years thaught about teaching my baby those stuff! Also when i see your children doing stuff they encourage me to teach my baby and know that its possible i started teaching my baby at only 18 months of age and started letter and numbers only a months and half ago and she already knows them, only by flashing the cards very fast and she loves your 1 min. Phonetic Video. Amazing job you did and i thank you! I hope i can continue without your support telling me its possible. Please donot erase your videos it took hard work from you and it really does help us and will continue to help us.
    Bye and have a nice day.

  28. Firstly I would like to thank you for being a role model in my life. You inspired me and gave me confidence that we as mothers can play a vital role in children’s education and building values.
    Yesterday I was taking a picture of my son who was acting cheeky and funny. While I was taking the picture I realized that the bed was not properly made and there was no pillow covers and I immediately set it right and placed it properly to take the picture and felt soo disgusted with my actions the very next moment and today morning I find your post regarding moving away from social media. It was like an eye opener for me and I deleted both my face book and Instagram accounts instantly.
    I have decided to make most of my time and life by cherishing it the imperfect way. I hope the best for you and your family.

  29. I’m so happy and proud of you. It’s good to know there are still people out there with an intellectual mind set!!! It’s sooooo rare in the world we live in today. God placed us here to serve, worship, tell the gospel, and honor him…too many don’t even give thanks for there lives b/c of all the “fascinating” materials technology has brought about. It’s all a distraction, it’s really sicken, and twisting the minds of so many. I a mother of three beautiful girls, I’m homeschooling my oldest but it’s a day to day challenge for me. I live in a town where practically no one homeschools so sometimes I face struggles all alone, but for some reason at the end of the day my heart is telling me I’m doing the right thing so I keep pushing. I’m all about my family, biblically that’s what the prior times where all about, through the advancement of time that all went away. Women started working, money became a god, and a child’s future was put behind.

    Go Jady, you marked your call that was a given from God. You helped shaped the lives of many lost mothers and inspired us to do the right thing within a home. I pray God blesses you and multiple an substantial increase of abundance to honor you for what you have done. Congratulations, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!🙏🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👍🏾😊

    With love,

  30. Thank you Jady for this. We will miss you and your inspirational videos but you’re absolutely right! It’s so addictive and takes away from what life really is. We love you Jady. And I pray your pregnancy is going well

  31. I knew you would leave eventually. I could sense it. I am brand spanking new to homeschooling, but I’ve learned a lot from watching you. Don’t tell anyone, but *I have a private playlist with alot of your videos to help me when I don’t know what to do lol* 😉 The Holy Spirit through you inspired me and encouraged me, that I can do this. You truly will be missed, but I know what you mean about social media. I deleted mines almost 4 years ago and haven’t looked back *Praise Jesus*. It’s a trap. I see how it is destroying us and turning us into the ego hungry society. Missing life to capture it. I really do hope and pray God continues to bless you with strength and the joy that comes from Christ. I hope you do continue to write and reading this drove home, I need to get back to reading my Word more in-depth everyday. Time to put away my phone (YouTube) and get creative again 😉😋😍 thank you Jady A…

  32. I Loved! Love Love this post! I appreciate you Jady A. and all that you have contributed to this virtual world. It has and is inspiring and has help change several aspects of my lifestyle. So Thank you!
    To stop and smell the roses has always been something that has gotten me in trouble since I was child. I never cared for social media and I hated how it made me feel. Now that I am teaching my own children I’m taken back to my old cravings of how I was taught, finding everything there was to know in a book, exploring the city because I was new and didn’t have a phone to help google my directions. All this and more I am now teaching children of my own in a very virtual and social media world. I am so happy to have found the little bread crumbs that you leave behind in the forest that we’re all exploring in!!!

  33. Thank you so much for this. As soon as I read it I called my husband and said “We are getting flip phones. Social media has become an addiction for me. I live away from family. I get lonely and bored sometimes. I have been more depressed. I look forward to my more simpler life. Thank you for the wonderful videos you have shared. Good luck to you and your family💜

  34. Thanks jady you are so good mother. Hope u find all the happiness in ur life. Please don’t forget us and share ur views by writing something when u feel good. We are too far and now we are not getting ur meaningful suggestions . Bye takecare God bless u

  35. Jady you will be greatly missed. You have inspired so many people to homeschool there children. I have considered it and with your help you’ve given me the tools and inspiration to do so. My 1st born (age 5 now) would whine a lot and now thinking back I feel like maybe I didn’t challenge him enough. You’re hands on activities and shelf work have made such a difference with my 5year old. My 15 month old loves the activities and learns so quickly (a little too quickly) that he challenges me to come up with more ideas for activities.
    As I am saddened by the news, I completely understand. I hope that you find a new balance and maybe keep up your blog with new material and ideas as I and many others find them so helpful. You are such a wonderfully talented educator and mother.
    I wish you all the best with your family and soon to be 4th blessing. God bless you and your precious family. Thank you for allowing us to take a glimpse into your life and be inspired.
    Much love from Los Angeles. ❤️

  36. Hola!! Happy to hear you’re well, just unplugged from social media. I’m going with my family for a bike ride. Enjoy your weekend!!

  37. Dear Jady. I am a working mother however i had a great guudance by your videos and i had a productive month since i reached your channel. Although your article is very honest and i respect your openion very much, i just want you to know that you affected me soo much and i am sure that as God knows your intention, God will reward you for that time you spend helping others with such ideas. Love you.

  38. I agree with every work you are saying!!! At the same time, I feel like we have a purpose also. You have a purpose. I have seen many blogs, videos, instagrams and you by far are the realest, most inspiring, and genuine. I can see the God in you shining and your simplicity is authentic. You inspired my homeschool journey and helped me so much. I am thankful for the products I have bought on your sight. We need more people like you sending a positive message, showing parents how to teach God and education in their homes. I understand you don’t want everyone knowing everything you do. But what about your own site, with a subscription maybe 1 video a month with 2 blogs a month or something. I only saying this because I see how many people you touched including me. I’m a mom of six and I want to say thank you for all of your teachings! God Bless you and may whatever journey you take be blessed!

  39. My family has been so blessed by your videos. I have learned how to teach and be more intentional with my children and I pray for your family daily. I constantly go back to different videos for guidance and I am so glad they are there. I pray one day your children see how truly blessed they are to have you as their mother. I am praying for relaxation and rest for the coming weeks with your pregnancy ❤️

  40. You are amazing. I love your dedication and joy for teaching. Such an inspiration to me. I am just starting homeschooling with my 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 year olds, and fear I may have started routine, academic learning too late. I hope to be at your level by end of this year:) Thank you! And cheers to you for deciding to disconnect:)

  41. Jady A. Thank you for being someone who has encouraged me in our decision to homeschool. I look up to you and your role as a mother and wife. You have such a beautiful soul. I have learned so much from you. I will miss your ideas but thank you for teaching us to take the road less traveled and to be creative.

    Your post is genuine, sincere, authentic, humbling, and so selfless.

    I was thinking, I’m going to miss seeing your life and how you do things, but just as you said. My business is My business, and I need to live my own life and not anyone elses. I admire that you shared this valuable information.

    We will miss you and will look forward to you listening to your podcasts!

  42. Whoa. That average of four hours a day is scary and disturbing. I gave up Facebook several years ago- it started as a Lenten sacrifice, but I realized how good it was for me, so I kept it going. Thanks for making me think of giving up even more.

  43. Excellent post Jady! Totally agree. And its scary to realise how much time I waste. And the part you mentioned about God asking us what have we done.. Wow. That really hit home..

    I am truly addicted to my phone. Thank God for my headaches, its sounds weird but I get terrible headaches if Im too much in front of TV or computer so I feel that God has helped me there. My phone is a harder one. But Ive started to realise how much of my emotional imbalance and hypnotic state is attached to my phone. Its going to be harder to remove the influences there but I pray that it gets easier day by day. Thank you god Bless!

  44. Hi Jady,
    I’m relatively new to your channel and somewhat saddened by your departure however, I totally understand and agree to your reasons. I’ve always had that insight but you dug a bit deeper and given me the incentive to rid myself of social media.
    I must though, it’s been a brief moment but your videos has given me great insight and I hope to be further assisted with postings I’ve not yet seen and possibly a one on one conversation, if possible. Safe delivery and best wishes on a simple private life. 🙂

    Thank you

  45. I’m not sure that you will see this as this post was written a long time ago. However I just wanted to say hello and thank you so much for all that you do to educate parents. I really missed seeing your family for a while there on YouTube. I felt like I lost a family member. LOL. Anyways, I’m so happy that you are back and I look forward to seeing more great videos and great blog posts.

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