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Podcast 001:Birth Rate Declining:Child Free Movement

In this podcast 001, I talk about why the birth rate is the lowest in nearly 3 decades! I talk about the effect of the child free movement, contraception, and abortion and why having more children is a blessing for parents and siblings.

  • What is the child free movement and what do they believe?
  • The consequences of lower birth rates in society
  • China’s one child policy after effects and why they are now trying to convince parents to have 2 children.
  • How Contraception is causing havoc in the health of people
  • Abortions are now the leading cause of death in the world 40-50 million die yearly
  • Why being open to life will change your life? Why having another child is the greatest gift you can give a sibling?
  • Selfishness at the heart of birth rates declining

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Show Notes

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