Become a Christian

Are you tired of battling the hardships of life alone?

Do you feel like you have no one who understands you, No one who you can call a true friend?

Do you want to change your life around but no matter how hard you’ve tried nothing has worked?

Alot of you ask me where does my strength to do all that I do comes from. You want to know the source of my success, happiness and energy to do all that I do. I do not do it alone friends. All the glory belongs to him. My father in heaven. He saved me from the darkness along time ago. I have been in really dark corners where I had to decide to run to the light… To run to him, our beloved father. If I had not made that choice I could have self destructed. Our father never stops waiting for us, he never gets tired of forgiving, he never loses hope that one day we will make that choice to run to him.

Ever asked yourself what is the purpose of your life? God created you with specific talents and gifts that he wanted you to use to serve his kingdom. Who do you serve with your talents and gifts? At the end of your life will you be satisfied with how you contributed to this Earth we live on and to his kingdom? Everyday we make a choice. To serve self or to serve God. I chose to serve him. It’s hard. I had to put away my anger, my laziness, my attitudes, and I had to do hard things everyday to serve my family. I want my life to leave behind a good aroma, a helping hand, and good memories to those who come in contact with me.

Ants are interesting little creatures. They work so hard for their colonies. Each has a unique job- Some give birth, some forage for food all day, some work in the nursery taking care of the babies, some take out the colony’s trash. Even if their particular jobs seem ordinary and mundane- the colony depends on them for its survival and continuation of the next generations. They work tirelessly and selflessly. Just like ants your job is important too. Your first ministry is your family unit- where with love, kindness and hard work you are to care and serve them. To serve them without complaining and comparing who is doing more is key. Just serve with love. Your role is important whether you are mom or dad. Sometimes us mothers have to do a little more physical labor in the home and that is ok- and dads have to be the cornerstone and hold the family together with strength. To serve our families selflessly is the greatest form of love and our greatest honor. You see, the human is lazy. We much rather serve ourselves, we much rather do easy things. The flesh is weak but through Christ you can do all things. If God can use ants and provide them all that they need, what more can he do for us? We were made in his image. He loves us so much.

When you look into the eyes of your baby- you are in awe at the beauty of this little creature that you can see so much of you in. You are so in love. You marvel at the beauty…That and more is how God looks at us. God loves you and is quietly waiting for you to return to him. He wants you to make the choice to follow him so he can rain your life with blessings and never-ending caress. He does not expect perfection from you- just progress that everyday you do a little better.

Are you ready to return back to our father? It is not by coincidence that you found this page and that you found my work. God is actively pursuing you. The people that find my work usually tell me it’s an answered prayer. The people that find my work are amazing parents looking to improve their children. You, my friend are amazing and God has been waiting for you. Christianity is a particular path and discipline that will lead you to a better life. Here are three steps to welcome Jesus into your life and become a christian or to rekindle your relationship with God if you are a cold distant christian:

Step 1:

Say this prayer:

Father God, I come to You right now, in the name of your most Holy Son, Jesus Christ, asking You to accept me as a Christian. Here I am father- I have come back to you. I was lost in the world but today I make the choice to follow you. I have sinned against you in many ways. Please forgive me for all my sins. Wash me clean. Lord Jesus, I ask you to come into my life right now and make me a new creature in love, peace, and kindness. I accept you as my Lord and savior today and forever. I choose to be a follower of Jesus. I choose to love God above all things and to love my neighbor as I love myself. God show up in my life and fill the voids that I had filled with the world. Send your Holy Spirit to guide me, protect me, lead me and counsel me. I thank You for forgiving my sins and for bringing me to a saving knowledge of You.  Please bless me and protect me and my family. In Jesus name, I pray amen.

Step 2:

Find a Christian church. The biggest mistake you can make at this point is to accept Christ and try to “go it alone.” Christians need a community of christians to back them. You will meet some amazing humans that like you have made the choice.  Visit a few of the churches closest to you. Look for churches that have a good children’s program for your children. Look for churches that are bible based. You will know because when you attend a bible based church because they read the bible alot! They will usually go through books of the bible together in their sermons. There are many christian denominations. I personally attend an evangelical free church. Pray to God to help you find a good church. When you find a good church do not delay to join a small bible study group. This is where you will get to know other christ followers. This is key. If your church does not have small groups jump in to serving in some capacity. When you do this you will get to meet some amazing people!

Step 3:

Start reading your bible everyday. I personally use the English Standard Version. Start reading the Gospels. A good book to start with is the book of John. As you read it, use a highlighter to highlight things that caught your attention. Here is the bible I am using because it has a section for notes.

Congratulations, friend. You are now a christian. Your life will not be perfect but you will now have a helper and giver of strength. Everyday as you follow Christ and you improve your life getting rid of the ugly aspects of your personality, you will start to feel God close. You will start to feel his presence in subtle ways. You will get answers to questions. Good people will show up. Problems will have solutions. You will have clarity. Healing will come. One difference will be that loneliness will fade. If you ever felt alone, you know how awful that feeling is. To feel alone, even in a room full of people. Now everyday you will have Jesus to walk with and to accompany you. There is only one thing you must do above all things- Have unbreakable faith. Know that God is behind you, in front of you and side by side. Never doubt. The king of your heart is present. Love you all, but he loves you more!

Your Sister in Christ,


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