Free Math Printables

Counting frame for beginning math quantity learning
Right, Left, Up, Down game DIY
One to One correspondence Practice- 19 worksheets!
Teach basic shapes with these flash cards
Great game for number recognition!
Activity to teach number quantity putting worms inside apples
Teach children addition with unifix and these worksheets!
Teach preschool students number recognition 1-6 with this fun math activity. The child rolls a die, then takes playdough or counters to cover the numbers on the frog
Teach number order, number quantity, and number recognition with these number cards.
Have children color the bead stair as they work with their montessori counting beads.
Use these arrows for Montessori bead work skip counting. Laminate and use a dry erase marker to put numbers.

One to One Correspondence Grid for Unifix cubes or other countersUse this grid for quantity games and one to one correspondence practice

One to One Correspondence Math pack-Use these pre-math worksheets to teach one to one correspondence and number quantity

Toddler Sizing Activity: Sorting Fish Activity

Montessori Place Value ActivityUse this activity to practice place value up to the thousands and reading numbers.

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