Free Misc Learning Activities

Make your own playdough mats to enhance fine motor skills,
creativity and teach basic concepts in a fun and entertaining way!
Make use of your mega bloks with these fun hands on activities that build visual discrimination.
Play a this card game to enhance your toddler’s memory or your own!
11 pre-writing practice mats to help the child develop pencil control and writing readiness. The activities increase in difficulty- they start out with vertical lines and proceed to zig-zags, circles,  and shapes
Make your own hand-writing workbook for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.
Teach how to make the letters by building them with playdough!
Shelf Work Tasks Log templates:
Organize your shelf activities with this weekly activity log and shelf task inventory check list.
Make your own hand-writing workbook for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.
Make your own logic activities for young children with these cards and popsicle sticks!
Make laminated baby/toddler matching cards to teach vocabulary and matching skills.
Teach children about frog life cycles, visual discrimination and frogs

Teach children about common insects in their communities with these cards and facts.

Task cards for your schedule board

 Life Skill Cards Life skill cards for your shelfwork

Father’s day craft. Children make hand prints as a sun and decorate the sun with googly eyes!

Brown Bear Brown Bear Printables for Interactive reading:                                                    Bear Brown Bear cut out for interactive reading. Please see video here.

Color Flash Cards:     Print and laminate your own flash cards.

15 thoughts on “Free Misc Learning Activities

  1. Love new site…. my son is is really doing well under your guidance from the videos you have posted…. thank you…the weekly log sheet do you have the Monday-Friday one like the one in your shelf work video 3 listed or for purchase!

  2. thank u so much for all of this. I do not know where to begin I love your website and I always check ur YouTube videos and u motive me to do something for my kids thank u so much god bless. I printed out some of ur free material to start teaching my kids. Thank u. please continuing the good work.

  3. Thanks so much Jady! I just printed the pre-writing sheets. Had to do it twice because the first time my printer was set to portrait, not landscape lol

  4. I have been watching your videos and following your website. I cannot tell you how much you and your daughter encourage me and made me a better mother than I could ever the way my daughter is 21 months old and this week we started pre-writing exercises, she is doing great! Thanks you so much, keep up the great work;)

  5. This is amazing!!!!

    I am a hungarian mother. I am really grateful for the many ideas! I am following your videos on youtube and do with my girl. 🙂

  6. you are really awesome Jady thank you sharing your ideas and knowledge,i’m Learning a lot from you to teach my only daughter who is for 4yrs old,i purchase your math binder and my girl loves them,but still she cannot write I have to guide her hands but she can read

  7. Jady thank you for the wonderful videos and products! I am inspired to begin teaching my one year old. Before discovering your yourtube videos I thought that babies couldn’t be taught these things so early in life. I have just been trying to teach her simple vocabulary like “mama” without even thinking of the possibilities! I was wondering what tips do you have for teaching multiple languages so early in life. I speak Spanish and don’t want her to miss out on that opportunity while my husband only speaks English. Any advice on making a child bilingual?

  8. Since my son has been born, I’ve prayed “Lord, show me how to teach my children in a way that pleases You and add to their ‘tool-box’”. These resources are answered prayers AND BONUS, there are Christian learning activities. My heart is so full.

    Time to get to work!

    Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to putting more purpose into our activities and having fun interacting. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

  9. Hi Jady,

    Thank you so much for the guidance. I have been following your vdo on YouTube for teaching my son how to read. It really helped me a lot. Need more input from you on how to teach to spell. Please can you send your suggestions on how to teach .

  10. Jady, you are a dedicated mother and teacher who has created a curriculum that covers all disciplines. As an educator myself, I see great value in your videos, interactive lessons, activities and words of advice on homeschooling and teaching children.

    It did not take long to print and laminate all the materials you have organized, and it saved me a lot of time from searching on the internet.

    I would highly recommend parents view and download your free activities, regardless if they are homeschooling or not or like me, are simply a grandparent helping out during the interrupted daycare of a pandemic.

    Great work, Jady. Thank you.

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