Free Seasonal Activities

15 halloween activities for toddlers-1st grade focusing on visual discrimination, literacy, and math
15 Thanksgiving activities for toddlers to 1st grade focusing on visual discrimination, math, literacy, matching, sorting and more!
52 hands on activities for pre-k and kindergarten which include literacy, math, visual discrimination, arts & crafts, puzzles and writing prompts
The child rolls a die and practices number quantity by decorating the tree with playdough balls!
Create a fun sensory tub with petals and heart candies. The child finds the heart candies and matches to the mat!

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  1. I am a kindergarten teacher and came across your youtube video on teaching your child phonics and then I checked out your website. You have some great ideas and resources for educators. Thank you for your time and dedication and the sharing of valuable teaching resources.
    Susan Jeffrey

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