This is an interview with Virginia from We talk about the importance of outside play inspired by Charlotte Mason. Nature deficit disorder is epidemic these days! children choose to stay inside plugged in to electronics, media, ipads, television, smart phones. See this inspiring interview about outside play and join the challenge at


This is a chat about homeschooling with the classical method with Amy Maze.  Here we discuss a brief overview of classical education and what it entails. We give you resources that you can use to start educating your children using the Trivium. To learn more about Amy and the work she does please visit :


This is an interview with reading expert Jim Yang who speaks about the great results he has reached with teaching students phonics including teaching all of his children to read before the age of three. He shares great tips and information on how to get started teaching reading.

Jim has reached great success with his children. His daughter, Raine at 5 years old, was reading at 7th grade reading level, his son Ethan at 3, was reading at a third grade reading level, and his youngest is already blending multiple sounds at 1. His children attend public school and he shares with us why it is important to teach your own children to read before they enter school.

Jim Yang’s Webpage:

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This is an Early Childhood Homeschooling chat with Susan Evans where she shared early childhood activities she did at home with her homeschool family of four.  She was able to have all her four children reading at 1 and a half and her older two sons at the age of 7 were reading at a highschool level.  We walked about the importance of early childhood education along with information on inexpensive things you can do with your children at home. To see the google plus on air hangout video please click here

To learn more about Susan Evans and visit her e-store please below:HandsOnLearning (1)


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