Hide and seek sensory bin. Put objects in small containers and have the child open and find items!

Cardboard box with two holes and the child sorts the eggs which some have rice and some are empty

Sensory bin with different colored insects from the dollar store and shredded construction paper, the child takes the bugs out and sorts them by color. Good color recognition activity and fine motor skills.
Alphabet bead sensory bin. Bin full of beads with magnetic letters. The child takes the letters out and put the letters on the mat. Upper and lower case match to add challenge. Download mat for free here:


Play dough mats download for free Download here

Play dough mats download for free Download here

Soft toys vs hard toys

Match the different pattern scrap paper. I bought a scrap paper book and cut different patterns into squares. I laminated the matching squares for a great file folder game. Visual discrimination is the object of the game.




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