Teach your Child to read

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How to teach your child to read?

You can teach your child to read by flashing black and white index cards- saying only the sound of each letter. Use the short vowel sounds and do not say letter names. In order for a child to learn how to read they need to learn how to sound out each letter. You can introduce letter names later on, that is the easy part. Create your own flash cards by taking index cards and using a black marker to write lower case letters. Using a black marker on white index cards creates contrast that children can see and recognize better. Using lower case letters to start off is important because lower case letters are more frequent in reading.

Here are the letter sounds video to know all short vowel sounds

Flash the cards once a day. It should not take more than 1 minute to go through  all of them.  It is recommended you sit the child on a high chair if he/she is a toddler or if older a location where the child will not be distracted.  Once your child learns the letter sounds A-Z now you can start blending two and three letter words!  Start the Elemental Phonics book to practice two letter blends, 3 letter words, and sentences. They are in a particular order progressing from easy to hard. 

To teach alphabet letter names use an alphabet chart and sing the ABC song.

Download free alphabet chart I made

With less than 10 minutes a day you can teach your child to read! Always remember to read to your child each day to instill a love for reading and to build their vocabulary.

Happy reading!!

See my FULL instructional video on how to teach your child to read phonetically


Jade practicing blends at age 2

7 thoughts on “Teach your Child to read

  1. Hi There

    I am living in Kuwait, i am an indian and my son is now 18 months old. I have been trying to teach him phonetics but he doesn’t show interest. he has not started talking or addressing me as mummy daddy or any particular word

    How do i create or instill interest?
    it is bit tough to get him attentive.
    Thank you

    1. Make it fun! I used to use puppets and dolls, change my voice, and all sort of stuff Jade liked. Put him on the high chair when flashing sounds. It should not take more than one minute a day to teach phonetics. I would keep him away from television and Ipads until he turns two atleast and then minimize it to just one hour because that can have an affect on attention span and speech. Talk to him alot, play audio books, read to him and have fun! He is still young I think everything he is doing is totally normal for his age. Hope this helps.
      Jady A.

  2. yea i usually use my mobile apps to get him attentive..he loves to watch n listen nursery rhymes
    Ill try the method you have mentioned


  3. Hi
    My daughter 2 years and 9 months is very active. She sings lots of rhymes, has gud vocabulary. The problem she doesn’t identify alphabets or numbers. She can count and she can sing the alphabet song but doesn’t identify. Plz suggest

  4. Hi Jady,

    My daughter is.4 months old. I started using flash cards at 3 months and have been reading to since she was 2 months. Would It confuse her if I start teaching sign language at 6 months?

    1. Jady A., I want to thank you for sharing your ideas freely. It never occurred to me to teach my two year olds to read until I stumbled across your video. It hard to say how long it took my boys to learn the sounds of the letters using flashcards, but it was quick. Thanks to you, my boys are reading at 2 year’s old. 😊😊😊Teaching children to read as a toddler is so much easier then teaching older children because they don’t know that it is suppose to be hard plus they absorb information effortlessly. Thank you Jady A.

  5. Hi Jady

    My son is 3 and 1/2 years old. I have been following your videos for over 3 years now. Was so in awe of you with all you do for your kids. Your are so devoted to your kids, so hard working. I have learnt so much from you. I wasn’t able to implement the things with my older son but with my youngest i am totally following your way. I started the flash cards in june this year. And he learnt them all so well within a month. He knows the letter sounds, shapes, colours so well. He still doesnt know the letter names when i point to letters he always says the sound and not the name. But now he doesnt want to it, though if he sees letters around in books or pictures he says the sound.
    But he us losing interest.
    I started letter of the week with him but i feel he is not so enthusiastic about it.
    So am not sure what should be the next step. Please suggest

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